Terms and Conditions

The Lumisi Inventory 3.0 allows you to select your own company branded materials for events from storage. This ‘Hire’ is free of charge, with the user paying only delivery and return costs.

Within the inventory there will be range of branded materials that may include display stands, banners, flags, promotional products, AV equipment printing and support materials.

The system has two main uses:

  • Select Materials from Storage (All items in Stock are owned by your organisation, you are paying only for the delivery to the event and delivery back into storage).
  • Print new banners/stands/materials/printing from existing designs. This allows you to keep the materials without returning them to the inventory (users pay both printing and delivery) or may be used to replenish stock within storage.


How to order materials

Register an Account. Contact your Lumisi Rep for a unique Link.

Once your account is confirmed you can view the complete inventory by clicking on ‘View Inventory’ and scrolling through the pages. Alternatively you can filter materials by category (different areas of the business) or by tag (the different types of material E.G Pop-up Stands)

Each item has its own page with more information, artwork downloads (if applicable), photos and a calendar of availability.

Once you have selected all your materials and added them all into your cart. Click on View Cart to process your order and confirm all the necessary delivery information.

When selecting an item from storage a shipping fee will apply. You will receive an email with your total shipping fee once you have completed your order.

Payment can be made by PO number, by Card (needed before shipping) or by assigning it to a retainer (depending on whether your company has set one up). Once the order is placed, Lumisi will contact you directly to organise payment. The order can be cancelled at any time before payment.

Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight of the item and the delivery location.


Terms of use

The portal operates on a first come, first serve basis.

If the material is returned damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the person/team responsible for the order will pay for replacement/repair.

If the material is lost or misplaced, it is the user’s responsibility to track it down and replace it if necessary.

The inventory specifies how many items we currently have in stock and when they are booked out. Items can be created/sourced if they are unavailable, but these will be charged to the person/team ordering.

Items cannot be selected from storage and kept for no longer than 4 weeks. Anything required for longer will need to be printed/produced for your order.